About us

Radical payments

At Astra, we’re in the business of making payments perform better. Transfers should be fast and secure, but let’s face it, this isn’t always the case. Businesses with financial products take the hit, consumers are left twiddling their thumbs — but the story doesn’t end there.

What we do

All-in-one platform for lightning-fast payments

We build the infrastructure that helps developer teams add instant transfers to their products. Whether it’s disbursements, account funding, or bank transfers — our belief is that everything should be fast, secure and, well, a hell of a lot better.

February 2023

$100m annualized instant transfers

To date, we’ve processed over $100mm of annualized instant volume and more than 650k instant transfers.

January 2023

Embedded Fintech 50

We’re very happy and grateful to be named in GGV Capital's innovative fintech list.

December 2022

Astra launches instant disbursements

New instant transfer routes — from bank accounts to debit cards — are added to our platform.

September 2022

$10m Series A

In recognition of our progression, our Series A funding is led by FPV Ventures. 

August 2022

Astra partners with Visa

To accelerate our growth, we partner with Visa to enable much, much faster funding.

February 2022

First instant transaction

After building our first APIs, Astra sends its first instant card-to-card transaction over Visa Direct.

December 2021

Astra partners with Cross River Bank

First things first, our founding team teams up with CRB to develop money movement APIs.

Why we do it

Transforming the financial system, one transfer at a time

We care deeply about helping our customers and the wider financial system thrive. By adding faster payments to finance products, our goal is to open up new opportunities for growth, taking away the headaches of risk, compliance, and delays.

Platform excellence
We’re committed to becoming the default developer platform for folks in the business of moving money.
Radical performance
We believe in delivering radical improvements for
 our customers — no ifs, ands, or buts.
Emotion Happy
We put our customers first and are dedicated to being the most responsive and supportive payments company out there.
Globally inclusive
We believe in offering a diverse suite of payment solutions that cater to a variety of industries and use cases, across the globe.

The team building radical payments

Co-founder & CEO
Gil Akos
Co-founder & COO
Sam Morgan
Co-founder & CTO
Zach Nolan

Backed by experts in fintech


Help us make payments perform better

Come and build the infrastructure for faster money movement. Join the tech startup dedicated to transforming the financial system, while giving you all the tools you need to grow.

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