Platform overview

Smarter payment processing purpose-built for finance products

Add fast, secure transfers and seamless financial automations to your product. Delight users, scale transactions, and take your product to the next level.

Why Astra

Add payment speed, flexibility & security to your product

Integrate powerful and flexible transfer capabilities into your product, via a simple platform integration. Payment delays? Risk headaches? With Astra, they’re a thing of the past.

Process transfers automatically, in real-time, and optimize for throughput.
Say goodbye to risk headaches from fraud, insufficient funds, and failures.
Automate the whole lifecycle of a payment (without building anything yourself).
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Built for scale
Reduce costs, scale transactions, and turn payments into your superpower.

Works with all the payment rails

Process transfers instantly via Visa Direct, FedNow, RTP, or ACH. Because our platform is totally flexible, you can move money in multiple directions, with zero limitations.

  • Visa Direct
  • ACH
  • FedNow
  • RTP
  • Mastercard Send

Rules to automatically move money between cards & accounts

Procent Circle
Percentage balance
Set up a recurring, automated transfer from one bank account to another based on a balance percentage.
Top up bank account balances when they fall below a given threshold — automatically.
Arrow Swap
Sweep transfer
Automatically transfer any funds over a set balance from one account to another.
Credit Card Outcome
Percentage deposit
Let users automatically send a portion of their income from a certain account to another destination.
Dollar Circle
Let users save money based on their daily spending with roundup routines.
Recurring transfers
Give users the option to transfer the same amount of money on a regular schedule.
Credit Card Scan
Balance notifications
Allow users to opt-in to regular notifications about their account balances.

All-in-one platform for product teams

For product owners

Take your product to the next level

For Product Owners

Give your finance product a competitive edge with fast, secure transfers and seamless financial automations. 

For leadership

Generate new revenue streams

For Leadership

Turn money movement costs into money movement revenue by setting programmatic fees on instant transfers. See results in days, not months — with no upfront capital requirements and all the benefits of pre-funded accounts.

For Devs

Build without roadblocks

Get started in days, not months via a simple platform integration. Enjoy our range of helpful product guides, and start building in our Sandbox.

  • Register users in seconds
  • Collect authorization via SDK
  • Link bank accounts or cards
  • Initiate transfers via API
Build Without Roadblocks