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Partner with Astra to embed instant transfers into your banking-as-a-service products. Add speed, delight customers, and reduce risk — all via a single API.

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Focus on building banking products — we’ll add the speed

Make your products much, much faster

Give your customers the dual benefits of BaaS and optimal transfer speed.


Protect your platform

Minimize the risk of payments fraud and bolster your platform’s security.


Do less admin

Let Astra take care of compliance, capital commitments, and payment operations.

Instant Account Funding

Focus on creating bank accounts — we’ll fund them

Give your customers the best of both worlds. You make it easy to create bank accounts, we’ll take care of the instant funding part. With both of our solutions, users will not just be able to access their new cards, but also start spending.


increase in transfer volume per user, per month


transfer limit


Use our technology, but your brand

Embed Astra’s instant transfers technology into your banking-as-a-service products, while retaining your brand’s look and feel. We’ll just work away in the background, while you continue to delight your customers.

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Astra's money movement capabilities greatly improves our clients’ ability to create exceptional and secure customer experiences.
Mark Vermeersch
Chief Platform Officer, Treasury Prime
Mark Vermeersch

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