Supercharge your software with a single payment provider

If you’re looking to build payments into your product, look no further. Deliver merchant sales, earned wages, and working capital to customers — faster than ever before.

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Finally, smarter payments for software companies

Add a variety of payment types

Enjoy a simple, flexible way to add a wide variety of payment types to your product.

Grid Payment Types

Make transfers much faster

Instantly transfer funds from settlement and payroll accounts to bank accounts and debit cards.

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Boost your revenue

Generate new revenue streams with instant transfer fees and never look back.

Differentiate your software

Strengthen your position in market, captivate your customers, and take your product to a whole new level.

Merchant Sales

Provide instant access to credit card sales

Help your customers instantly transfer their sales to their external bank accounts 24/7/365, including on nights, weekends, and holidays.

Two Col Merchant Sales
Earned Wage Access

Delight talent with earned wage access

Attract and retain talent by letting them access their wages whenever they like. Wages can be sent to debit cards with real-time settlement, delighting your people while empowering your HR team. Oh, and you can also optionally apply fees to generate a new source of revenue.


debit card funds


industry standard fee

Instant Disbursements

Deliver working capital to customers — instantly

Offer lending? You’re in the right place. Push your lending solution to your customers instantly with Astra’s Instant Disbursements, so they can get back to running their businesses in no time.

Two Col Working Capital

Build better software — we’ll take care of all your payment questions