The all-in-one platform for instant payments

Designed for product teams that want to embed payments, Astra’s API helps you process transfers between bank accounts and cards — faster than ever before.

Why Astra

Finally, a better way to process payments

Process transfers automatically, in real-time, and optimize for throughput.
Say goodbye to risk headaches from fraud, insufficient funds, and failures.
Automate the whole lifecycle of a payment (without building it all yourself).
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Built for scale
Reduce costs, scale transactions, and turn payments into your superpower.

The super payments API for product teams

Get started with ease via a simple platform integration. Unlike payment gateways, we provide a broad range of solutions, integrating with your entire product.

  • Register users in seconds
  • Collect authorization via SDK
  • Link bank accounts or cards
  • Initiate transfers via API

Full-stack payments

Before Astra, new fintech companies would have to spend months – if not years – developing countless layers of middleware features and partnering with legacy financial institutions. With Astra, you get a one-stop-shop.

  • Built-in compliance
  • Automatic fraud detection
  • Systematic chargeback management
  • Simplified user and merchant onboarding
  • No prefunding necessary