Instant transfers, better banking

Add Instant Account Funding and Accelerated Bank Transfers to your product via a simple platform integration.

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The instant payments API you can bank on

Maximize your deposits, increase spend

Increase inbound deposits through fast, secure transfers — funds will be instantly available to spend on debit cards.

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Reduce risk from fraud

Minimize origination risk and fraud for ACH and debit card transfers.

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Build better product experiences

Add built-in speed to your product and delight users at every turn.

Increase customer retention

Differentiate your product and gain an edge over the competition. 

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Debit cards

Debit card transfers, minus the complexity

Empower users to transfer funds between two debit cards instantly. Fund new customer accounts and give users instant spending power, while increasing inbound deposits — without using a large line of credit, or worrying about disputes.


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Instant disbursements

Instant disbursements & payouts, built for banking

Send funds from bank accounts directly to debit cards, in real-time — without lengthy settlement times or operational overhead. Embed an instant disbursement option into your digital banking product via a simple platform integration, and say goodbye to delays from ACH and RTP transfers. All with Astra.

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Accelerated Bank Transfers

ACH transfers, just much faster

Let users send large sums of money between their accounts, without the headache of ACH timelines. Integrate automated, rules-based routines into your product experience, and give your users more flexibility over how they move money.



increase in transfer performance

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The Astra team is solution oriented and took the time to understand Till’s business model, advanced payment architecture and, most importantly, the unique needs of our parent and family customers. In fintech, vendors often seem unwilling to be creative to support partner needs. Astra stands out from the rest.
Taylor Burton
At Future, we are passionate about making the transition to a green lifestyle rewarding and simple. So it was critical we enable our Members to seamlessly and instantly move funds to Future to power all their everyday green choices and enjoy the best perks. Astra has been a great partner, helping Future grow 4x since launching instant funding.
Jean-Louis Warnholz
Co-Founder & CEO
"In a market crowded with competitors, Astra's offerings stand distinctly superior. Their top-tier chargeback management is unparalleled. I can't recommend Astra highly enough."
Siddharth Verma
COO of Juno
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Jean Louis Warnholz4265
Juno Author

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