Instant Disbursements & Payouts

Send money to cards without obstacles

Send funds from bank accounts directly to debit cards, in real-time — without lengthy settlement times or operational overhead.

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Apply fees to transfers and grow revenue
Integrate Astra to go live in days, not months
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Reduce risk with built-in compliance
Improve speed and the product experience

An introduction to Instant Disbursements

Sending money to a debit card (from a bank account) should be easy, but the reality is that ACH and RTP come with delays and are difficult to orchestrate. The result? Your users can’t send funds to their external debit cards when they need to. Astra’s API helps you process instant disbursements — removing obstacles from your platform and generating new revenue streams.

Give users instant spending power, boost your revenue

Embed an instant disbursement option to your product via a simple platform integration. Then — if you like — apply fees to each transaction for an extra revenue stream.

Get started with a simple integration

Start initiating payments with a simple SDK and just a few API requests. It’s really that easy.

  • Simple steps for developers to get started

  • Comprehensive guides and documentation

  • Go live in weeks, not months

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Securely collect the details you need

Give users the option to authorize your product for instant payments, link their debit card, and process an instant disbursement.

  • Users can opt-in, or opt-out

  • Straightforward debit card linking

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Kick back and relax

Behind the scenes, Astra will then pre-fund and process an Original Credit Transaction (OCT) — directly onto your users’ debit cards.

  • Astra confirms outbound credit has been initiated

  • Users will see funds in real-time

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