The smarter way to invest

Fund trading accounts and maximize trading opportunities by unlocking the benefits of faster transfers. All with Astra’s instant payments API.

Investing Mast

Empower users to build wealth, faster than ever before

Lightning-fast transfers

Remember ACH delays? Neither do we. Delight traders with instant account funding and accelerated transfers.

Grid Lightning Fast

Less fraud, more investing

Eliminate losses from fraud with best-in-class risk mitigation.

Grid Automations

Super simple automations

Create automated and recurring routines to move money based on rules.

Flexible payment flows

Add speed and security to multiple payment flows — deposits, withdrawals, peer-to-peer transfers, and more.

Instant Account Funding

Fund trading accounts at lightning speed

Delight your users by letting them deposit or withdraw funds from their trading accounts — instantly. The benefit for you? Better trading experiences, higher inbound deposits, and less headaches from managing settlement accounts for pre-funding. All in one place.

Accelerated Bank Transfers

Protect your investors’ money

Once your users are all set up, empower them to send large sums of money between their accounts at record speeds. No need to wait for ACH delays or worry about failed transfers and fraud.

1 day

settlement period


per transaction


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