Accelerated bank transfers

ACH transfers, rebuilt for security & speed

Forget fraud, failures, and lost funds. Minimize the risk associated with ACH transfers and get funds into destination accounts as fast as possible.

Shield Check
Reduce origination risk
Improve settlement speed
Increase transfer sizes

An introduction to Accelerated Bank Transfers

One of the most common ways of transferring funds is via ACH (Automated Clearing House). That being said, the transfer structure isn’t totally risk-proof, while standard timelines just aren’t up to snuff. With Astra, ACH transfers come with improved fraud detection and — you guessed it — speed.

Optimize ACH transfers for faster clearing

Protect your product from fraud and make it super easy for your customers to send large sums of money, with real-time settlement.

Connect bank accounts

Quickly and easily add source and destination bank accounts to end-user profiles via your existing connections.

  • Add accounts through Plaid or MX

  • Connect via processor tokens

Accelerate Step 1

Initiate the transfer

Request the fastest settlement speed for your transfer. We’ll then optimize for superfast results via our risk model — protecting transfers from fraud, failures, and lost funds.

  • Triple settlement speeds to same-day clearing

  • Me-to-Me, Peer-to-Peer, Business-to-Business, Consumer-to-Business

  • Integrate optional rules like Sweeps, Refills, Recurring Routines, and more

Accelerate Step 2

Stay in the loop

Get automated updates on the status of a transfer — communicated via webhooks in your system — and give your customer success and ops teams all the tools they need.

  • Automated payment lifecycle management