Announcing an Expanded Partnership with Dwolla to power next-gen fintech products

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Gil Akos
Co-founder, CEO

By combining Astra’s orchestration and automation technology with Dwolla’s payment software, fintech developers can now integrate faster, automated transfers – in days not months!

Today we are excited to announce that we have formalized an enhanced partnership with Dwolla so that developers get the best of our combined technology. This partnership means you can build the most advanced financial products through the Astra platform while leveraging all of the fast and cost-effective transfer options Dwolla has to offer:

  • Streamlined onboarding for your integration
  • Automation, plus faster settlement
  • Access to beta programs for new technology

We started Astra to make money programmable and have it move seamlessly and automatically between bank accounts. From the earliest prototypes to the Astra platform that fintech developers use today, we have considered ourselves lucky to work with the amazing team at Dwolla to help us deliver the bank transfer instructions resulting from our automated routines. Over the years working together, we’ve continued to look for ways to combine the benefits of their robust transfer APIs and our best-in-class orchestration technology and automation engine.

Whether your product coordinates transfers between external accounts, your company’s bank account is a key part of the payment flow, or you are a challenger bank seeking to capture more deposits into your customers account, we have you covered! And all of this money movement is automated through your product, defining a self-driving product experience for your customers while optimizing transfers for speed and throughput.

These capabilities are all live today, all through a simple integration with the Astra platform. Additionally, we will be able to offer our shared customers early access to accelerated settlement for ACH and other new payment technologies through joint beta programs. Looking ahead, our partnership with Dwolla will only become more valuable for your business as we continue to make automated transfers executed through our system faster and more reliable.

Ad Astra!